Your Planning Guide To Annuities

  • Potential for market growth without market risk
  • Your savings are protected
  • Very low fees
  • Control over your own money
  • Potential for 100% tax free income

There is not a “one size fits all” plan with retirements or annuities. This annuity guide will explain the five main types of annuities and point out the different terms and benefits of each type. Various scenarios will help shed some light on your retirement plan & all annuity questions.

Annuities can assure you have predictable income for life. You can finally relax knowing you can have market gains every month without the risk of losses from market downturns.

CLA USA can work with you to increase your monthly income. Financial representatives review your financial needs and goals and design a strategy to find the right type of annuity to meet your retirement needs. Providing knowledge on the best annuity rates, retirement annuity plans, and the highest paying annuity rates!

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