Are you on track for retirement?

Are you on track for retirement?

planning for retirement

Do you feel secure that your financial plan is on course; that once you reach retirement age, you will have enough money saved that you will be able to live the rest of your life free from worry about money? If not, it may be time to take a look at wealth management in Dallas to learn about your options.

One important thing to consider is: If you’re not on track now, when is the day going to come when you are suddenly going to kick things into gear? Working with a retirement planning company can help you set goals, strategize ways to save, and then figure out what to do with your savings to put you into a good financial position for the future.

While it may be easy to simply look up a savings chart for your income and age and base your progress on that, the truth is that things are more complicated. You also need to consider your income, expenses, map out what you want your retirement life to look like, and project how long you expect to live while retired. All of this will have impact whether or not you are on track for retirement. For example, if you plan to spend your time volunteering in your local community, that will result in a different retirement savings number compared to spending your retirement years traveling the world.

Financial planning helps you come up with a retirement number based on your individual goals and situation. Everyone is going to be a little bit different, so there is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining how much you need to save to be on track for retirement. The other serious part is that there are no do-overs; if you underestimate how much you need, you’ll either run out of money or be forced to go back to work, if possible. That is one reason why many find added security in working with a wealth management company.

Once you do know how much money you need to save, you still have to figure out what to do with the money. Between 401K’s, IRA’s, annuities, taxable accounts, HSA’s, and much more, it can seem overwhelming to plan your finances. At Safe Money CLA, we have been working with clients since 1984, helping protect and grow assets since 1984 to help our clients experience the retirement that always dreamed they would have. For example, did you know an indexed annuity can help you get access to market growth without experiencing market risk?

Whether you need help from the ground up with your retirement planning or simply want a second set of eyes on your financial data, contact us to learn more about the services we provide. You only get one shot at retirement, and we will do everything we can to make sure it is one that allows you to spend your time doing whatever you love most.

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